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I am currently writing for Columbia, Missouri's city magazine, where I am connecting the reader to local happenings and serving as a community voice. My articles highlight arts and culture community figures and examine local opinions on national trends. I also optimize content for print and digital publication, including multimedia components.

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For a year and a half, I worked with MOVE Magazine, the arts and culture arm of Mizzou’s student newspaper, The Maneater. For my first semester on staff, I served as a staff writer. My coverage spanned everything from festivals and theatre previews, to community events and profiles. Within four months, my editor promoted me to MOVE Culture Editor. For a year, I directed a section of over a dozen arts and culture writers. I also managed coverage for two major Columbia festivals: Roots N Blues N BBQ Fest and True/False Film Fest. My time as editor was spent judging what a story requires to be engaging, noteworthy and complete in its execution.

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From May to June in 2019, myself and a team of five other student journalists traveled to Cape Town, South Africa on a reporting trip. Our mission was to capture the shifting culture of Cape Town post-apartheid. While there, the group designed our own website and completed freelance work, culminating in a story map that followed our travels across the city. My contribution to this team consisted of long-form, culture-based writing. Through the lens of hair salons in impoverished townships, and the city’s oldest gay bar, I was able to identify and report on the culture of a foreign country, let alone one healing from decades of segregation.

During the summer of 2020, I was an Editorial Intern with Her Campus Media. I wrote articles on lifestyle trends, social justice, entertainment and pop culture. My regular duties included pitching, researching trends and optimizing SEO features to assist Her Campus with its editorial endeavors. 

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In order to remain active in my writing, I’ve taken on freelance assignments with local magazines. With Inside Columbia in Columbia, Missouri, I profiled nonprofits in their mission to improve the life and well-being of community members. 

During my time at Mizzou, I’ve created several pieces for my courses in the Journalism school. These have ranged from written profiles to audio and video packages, all of them covering the Columbia community in an in-depth manner. These assignments allowed me to practice new skills within the Adobe Suite and refine my interview techniques.

In Fall 2020, I was a Public Health and Safety reporter with the Columbia Missourian. This Missourian is the city newspaper and in the midst of a pandemic, I was accountable for covering the public health and
safety concerns of the city of Columbia. I interviewed people from all walks of life impacted by the virus, culminating in six front-page, centerpiece stories.