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LGBT Rights

The Rainbow Nation: Navigating LGBT life in South Africa

Kay-Dee Baker came out as bisexual in 2008. Now, she is engaged and the store manager of Cafe Manhattan, Cape Town’s oldest gay bar. For Baker, Cafe Manhattan and other explicitly gay-friendly bars can be more comfortable than others. “When I go to Cafe Manhattan with my fiancée, or a gay-friendly place, we are more comfortable to be who we are with each other,” Baker said. “It’s more like home.”


Styling Cape Town: Unraveling hair salons in the townships

Throughout the townships in Cape Town, numerous hairstylists and hair salons can be seen. A staple for beauty and confidence, these businesses are an integral part of the culture.


Looking into Langa: Life in a South African township

Life in South African townships is defined by long-standing poverty. It is also defined by a widespread sense of community and pride in what they have overcome.

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