Show-Me Opera presents the worldwide debut of ‘A Certain Madness’

The opera, written by student composer Hans Bridger Heruth, tells the tale of what happens when renowned detective Sherlock Holmes meets the supernatural.

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‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ leaves a legacy of musical numbers, inclusivity

The TV musical dramedy will come to a close after four seasons of portraying mental illness, diverse experiences and the messiness of love, all in song.

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Hulu and Netflix release competing documentaries on failed Fyre Festival

Hulu released its comedic documentary four days earlier than Netflix’s behind-the-scenes deep dive.


Marching Mizzou brings spirit, companionship to MU football

The tight-knit environment of Marching Mizzou drives their performance with the long hours making every cheering fan worth it.

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‘People People’ provides look into agoraphobia in digital age

Lizzie Logan provides us with a new-age love story between YouTuber Kat and her delivery guy Colin, with a sobering look into loving someone with a mental illness.

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Coming out: Playhouse Theatre Company brings ‘Fun Home’ to Columbia

The Playhouse Theatre Company of Stephens College opens their 2018-19 season with “Fun Home,” a dramatic retelling of the memoir by lesbian cartoonist Alison Bechdel.

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History, heart fuel Maplewood Barn Community Theatre

The non-profit theatre uses a renovated barn as its stage, allowing volunteers to share their art with Columbia’s citizens in a unique, historic setting.

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Bad Bad Hats Preview: indie rock band headed to Columbia

The Minneapolis-based group are currently on tour across the U.S., riding on the success of their sophomore album, “Lightning Round.”

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‘Gimme Truth!’ game show packs The Blue Note with creators, fans

The game show is a True/False favorite, inviting guest documentarians and film buffs alike to test their mettle and guess at the validity of various films.