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Before the pandemic, elderly isolation was a major concern. Now, it's a crisis

While trying to keep seniors safe from the virus, there's something just as deadly for older people: isolation.

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As pandemic wears on, seniors find walks, pen pals and phone calls alleviate isolation

"It's about trying to find that balance between emotional wellness and safety...That kind of sums up our whole year,” one nursing home administrator said.

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Public Safety

As kids' unsupervised hours at home increase, so does fire risk

The key is realizing your children don't magically absorb fire safety; they must be taught what to do. 

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COVID-19 sparks call to action, challenges, concerns for poll workers

“I can't say I'm unconcerned, but I'm not worried,” said one longtime poll worker about handling voters and COVID-19.

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Life Story

‘Serious with a smile’: Ben Weir’s love for family, journalism, nature marked a long life

Ben Weir's life was marked by community service, love for his grandson and dedication to journalism. 


Why won't some people wear masks? It's about social norms and threat perception

Some people who refuse to wear masks or social distance are under the influence of psychosocial factors, researchers say. 

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