Who is Janae?

Janae McKenzie is a dreamer, a storyteller, and a pop culture enthusiast. She hails from Columbus, Ohio and is currently a junior at the University of Missouri, where she studies Arts and Culture Magazine Journalism. 


Janae is especially passionate about the way the arts and media affect our world. To her, the stories we see represented on TV, in movies or on social media have direct effects on our interactions with others, public policy and what is viewed as “normal”. Therefore, reporting on the people who control those stories, especially those intending to create complex, respectful ones, is a mission of hers. 

Janae is also passionate about intersectionality. As a black, queer woman and the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, she understands how different identities create different experiences. She's passionate about LGBT+ rights in particular. 


When not on a crusade for diverse representation, Janae sings with her a cappella group, The Naturelles (she is also the vice-president!) Janae can also be found breaking into song, playing music WAY too loudly on her headphones, constantly drinking Diet Coke and watching cartoons.